New Halagard

The Bafford Job

Blackmail for everyone!

Cutty gathered the group of us together, and told us that he could easily find a buyer for a scepter. This particular scepter, however, belonged to one Lord Reginald Bafford whose estate was in the Old Quarter. It was a rag-tag bunch, with a spell-scarred human, a tiefling, a dragonborn, a dwarf, and an elf. We all had found our way to Cutty one way or another, and none of us really had any issue with acquiring this scepter.

We asked around about this Lord Bafford. Turns out he was one of the lesser nobles of the city, and many other new-money nobles were seeking to displace him from his position. It stood to reason that one of these nobles would want to have the scepter to show off at a party, especially if Bafford had not yet realized the item’s absence.

After casing the joint, Donarvan and Kildrak distracted the city guard while Rolan, Sunshine, and Wil snuck inside through the well outside the estate wall. After sneaking past guards in the basement, the three managed to go up to the main floor where significantly more of Bafford’s guards were patrolling. There were a few close calls, especially by the servant’s area and the kitchen, but for the most part we managed to find all the little bells attached to storage room doors.

Eventually, Rolan, Sunshine, and Wil made their way to the back gate where Donarvan and Kildrak had agreed to meet them. Once inside, the dwarf made no attempt at stealth which very nearly drew the attention of the guard patrolling in the courtyard. From the library, we quickly made our way upstairs to the top floor.

Upstairs, there were only a few guards patrolling. In between their circuits, we managed to find a magically-locked door. We were pretty sure it led to a small room in the basement that we had passed earlier. After getting past the magic, we quickly went down the stairs and discovered a ledger which indicated that Bafford was skimming some money off of the top of his operation, and a magic item. We took these items into our possession, and then made our way back up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, we ducked into the hallway just in time to have to duck back in through the door because the guard was passing by. We also explored what appeared to be a guest room, but left the area undisturbed. The next room off of the hallway that we explored was something akin to a throne room. In it, the scepter was prominently displayed, and we knew it would only be a matter of time before its absence was discovered.

Wil quickly used his knowledge of magic to create a copy of the scepter using a simple wooden rod. When he was finished, it looked exactly like the scepter, but he warned us that it would not last long because he was rushed during its creation. We quickly pocketed the scepter and made our way out through the back gate.

Running through the streets of the Old Quarter, we tried to stick to the shadows and escape before any of Bafford’s guard or the City Watch noticed us. Eventually we made it back to Cutty’s Mercantile.

When we arrived, we found the door smashed in, and Cutty was nowhere to be found.

What happened to Cutty?


Let me just say… Thees ees all true.

The Bafford Job

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