New Halagard

Occupational Hazards

Sometimes it hurts.

Donarvan and Sunshine bluffed their way into the Church of Torm, claiming that Sunshine was unable to speak, and that Donarvan was a slave who spoke for her. Sunshine claimed to be a relative of Cutty’s, seeking information about his whereabouts.

Cutty was shipped out to Crag’s Cleft, where he would be forced to work in the mining operation. He looked pretty beat up. We managed to at least get a name from him, and he told us to see Farkus. We dropped the scepter off with Farkus, hoping that he could fence the object for us since it was a time-sensitive job.

We followed the Paladins and prisoners along the road, and made our way in through the underground network of mining tunnels, hoping they would lead us into the compound. We had to fight past some very cold corpses, but otherwise our passage was uneventful.

Eventually we made our way into the compound, and managed to sneak through a factory into the prison area.

We used some flashbang powder to distract the guards at the guardhouse, and quickly made our way down into the ward where we suspected newer prisoners would be taken.

After bringing Cutty with us through the mining tunnels, we had to figure out the quickest and safest way to get him back to the city so that he could recover from his grave injuries.



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