New Halagard

Fence Sitting

The dwarf carried Cutty most of the way back. Especially when we had to do a little climbing to get back into the city without drawing undue notice from the City Watch.

We took Cutty to meet with Farkus, who quickly set up a safehouse for the fence somewhere in Eastport.

Farkus told us that he had indeed sold the scepter, and that it was bought by a woman names Valtrissa. He didn’t know which noble she was working for—it seems the lady is very good at keeping a low profile.

We soon found out that Felix, Cutty’s son, was also missing. Some of us suspected that Felix could have set his father up, so we decided to try to look for him.

Felix had wandered off to explore the vast network of tombs and catacombs under the cemetery. It was to be our task to follow him there.



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