New Halagard

Down in the Bonehoard

Footsteps in the Dust

We entered the cemetery, and Wil created an area of silence around the mausoleum that had most recently been open. With a little struggle, we were able to open the stone door and slip inside with the door closing behind us. As we climbed down into the catacombs below, Rolan began studying the tracks. It appeared that two groups left tracks within a few days of each other. The more recent tracks belonged to a group of 4, and we suspected that they belonged to Felix and whomever he enticed to come down here with him.

We followed those tracks down into some tunnels that had compromised the integrity of the stone chambers, and after some twists and turns came to a chasm 25 feet across. We set up a rope and grappling arrow to help us get across, and immediately found ourselves confronted by a large shadow serpent.

Rolan and Kildrak took the brunt of the snake’s offensive, having been the first to cross. Donarvan soon followed, doing what he could to aid our healing efforts. Sunshine and Wil made their attacks from across the chasm, and eventually we defeated the snake.

When we looked down into the chasm that Sunshine and Wil still had to cross, we saw a body floating in the water some distance down. One of us climbed down and searched the body, finding a rather sodden adventurer’s kit missing a rope, and a journal. The last entry in the journal read:

Felix doesn’t care, but we’ve definitely found signs that Adolpho has been here before us. I don’t know if he found that fabulous gemstone he always said was here, but if it’s still here, it’s worth more than the lousy Horn of Quintuplets, or whatever the thing is called. If I’m reading the signs right, Adolpho was convinced something useful was deep down below the serpent tunnels.

It appears I was wrong about the Mystic’s Heart, and I will die for my mistake. The ancient tablet I found said that the Heart would be in “a room of statues, whose gaze is death,” but though there are statues here, it’s clear to me now that this is not that place. I dare not go back down—the serpents prowl below in numbers, angered at my intrusion. Unless they leave, I will starve in this Godforsaken place.


Wil and Sunshine had to return to the surface, and the remaining three continued down into the depths of the serpent tunnels.


Wait, I don’t remember crossing to fight/heal. ^^;; Maybe it’s just me.

Down in the Bonehoard

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