The Incident

During his time as a instructor in the city watch Kildrak was at odds with his fellow Sergent Tiberius Hagan over many practices and policies. Hagan being the more politically deft of the two used Kildrak’s own training regime against him. Slipping in recruits that he knew would be unable and unwilling to stick to the program.

Over time this lead to injuries complaints against Kildrak and eventually “The Incident”. The incident occurred shortly after both Hagen and Kildrak were brought up as possible replacements for the now vacant Lieutenant position. Hagan, wanting to discredit Kildrak, had two of his minions prepare for the next recruit patrol that Kildrak was leading.

During one rather warm rainy patrol they ran into some Snake Fang Dragonborn skulking out along the craggy rocks in the docks. Recruits Jarvis and Rodes, under the direction of Hagan, caused a breakdown in formation and goaded an attack on a unprotected flank. This perpetrated the loss of all but a handful of their fellow recruits.

Then during the investigation, charges were laid on Kildrak; some were valid regarding his heavy handed training of the recruits, but most of what was used was falsely created by the undermining that Hagan has done.

Given his options Kildrak chose to take a early retirement and now lives as a cut-purse in the depths of the city.

The Incident

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