South Quarter

The South Quarter is a low-class residential district. These are the slums of New Halagard. To keep the city’s undesirables contained in one place and maintain a controlling presence, the city jail was constructed along with a barracks for the city watch. Despite this, the South Quarter still has the highest crime rate of all the wards, and there are places where the Bluecoats don’t patrol. The Mailed Fist still makes the occasional (and usually bloody) raid into the district. Despite being the shortest route from the Docks and South Dayport to the prolific Newmarket ward, most merchants elect to take longer routes through the city to avoid the South Quarter. The gates between the South Quarter and the wards of Newmarket and Downtown are second only to the entrance to Auldale Ward in terms of guard presence.

Bluecoat patrols are Moderate, Paladin patrols are rare.

Locations of note

It can be reached from Downtown, New Market, the Docks, and South Dayport.

South Quarter

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