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  • City Watch

    * Current Watch ** Sheriff [[:110701 | Gorman Truart]] ** Lieutenant [[:melissa-mosley | Melissa Mosley]] ** Lieutenant [[:110700 | Tiberius Octavian Hagan]] * Former Watch ** [[:kildrak | Kildrak]]

  • Melissa Mosley

    She was promoted only recently and was one of Kildrak's trainees. While having proven herself competent, she does not appear to share [[:110700 | Lt. Hagan's]] ambition. Conflicts of interest between her and the Sheriff lead some to suspect she may be …

  • Tiberius Octavian Hagan

    Truart's right hand man. Competed with Kildrak for the position of Lieutenant. Selectively remembered the incident less in Kildrak's favor. Some of the guard believed him, some did not. Hence, why some of the guard are still Kildrak's friends, and some …

  • Gorman Truart

    Former head of the city watch, reports directly to the Governor. His promotion to Chief from Lieutenant created the power vacuum that resulted in the incident.

  • Lord Reginald Bafford

    A minor and otherwise inconsequential noble whose personal posession was targeted by Cutty the Fence. Upon burgling the manor, arcane implements were discovered, hinting that Lord Bafford may have some acane spellcasting ability. Lord Baford is friends …