Felix Sark

Young aspiring adventurer


Felix is Cutty’s son. A young man no more than 17 years of age. He looks enthusiastically at adventurers and others whomhe views as leading interesting lives. He has tended to shy away from the City Watch and the Mailed Fists of Torm because of his dislike for what he perceives as thir abuses of authority, not to mention the somewhat shady legality of his actvities and those of hs father. His enthusiasm often ensnares others to come along on his exploits, and his most recent adventure down into the bonehoard met with disaster, Felix was the only member of his part to come out alive, and that was only by grace of being rescued by friends of his father.

While he was exploring the crypts and running for his life away from hoards of undead, he claims to have seen a large cavern, within which he says he spied the ruins of an ancient buried city. Felix has ambitions to return to the Bonehoard to find and explore the buried city, but currently is stll devloping plans to get past the hoards of undead and the zealously righteous paladins of the Mailed Fist of Torm attempting to wipe them out.

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Down in the Bonehoard
Deeper in the Bonehoard
After the Bonehoard
Raiders of the Mailed Fist

Felix Sark

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