New Halagard

Raining blood from the Skaei

Clash with the Hot Blood clan in the fields of the Outland Farms

Around a farmhouse ever increasingly going up in flames and screams coming from within, The battle was joined between a reduced patrol of guards accompanied by a Paladin of Torm and Dragonborn Raiders from the Skaei clan. The adventurers, sans halfling, follow on the salamanders granted them by the Kawwat. In a gruelling fight, the adventurers, soldiers and the paladin of Torm trade blows with the Skaei raiders, their superior armor and combat techiques eventuallly overcoming the barbarians in a battlefield clogged with sluggish salamanders.

After the fight, the adventurers compare observations and realize something was strange about the way the leader of the raiders was fighting, employing some sort of odd movement technique. Bellos has a bit of a flashback, and compares the Skaei leader’s style to a crude form of an Asaatth combat technique he witnessed. Unfortunately, the soldiers had already begun burning the bodies before the adventurers realized they needed to examine them.



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