New Halagard

A Second Night at the Museum

Why no guardsmen are expected to keep their mouths shut.

He could have planned it better. He could have been more prepared. Fortunately, any of his own shortcomings were more than made up for by the guards arbitrarily deciding to set everything up for him. Thanks, Kildrak, you conniving dwarf.

He hadn’t had the forethought to read up on some history before coming to the museum, but fortunately he was well-versed enough in the various exhibits to present a decent private tour—he surprised himself with all the little tidbits and anecdotes that he remembered.

The conversation ranged widely over dinner and throughout the night, from the murdered sheriff being cut to ribbons, to talk of magic, to concerns about the Asaatth coming into the city and the chances of him coming into contact with them.

Her familiarity with magic surprised him, as it far surpassed his own—well, except for his exposure to the talents of Donarvan and Bellos. It piqued his curiosity, and though there were many things left unsaid he suspected that something about that had to do with her history with the Lady Valtrissa.

With Bellos as the best wing-man ever, he brought her to the Golden Heart where she had said she’d never stayed. Who else should be there but Kildrak and the others…but Rolan deftly caught the key Bellos tossed him since he had foolishly forgotten to reserve the room himself.

All in all a good night, he decided, all thoughts of the others’ meeting with Lady Valtrissa completely forgotten.

No way was he getting on that genasi ship in two days.

Well…maybe if she asked him to in that sweet, melodious voice, brimming with concern for his well-being.

Or if he—out of sheer luck—was able to convince her to come along.



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