New Halagard

A Night at the Museum

Fancy parties don't exclude Down Winders

Rolan stared out into the darkness from the Golden Heart, absently turning his new cloak pin over and over in his fingers. It had certainly been an…interesting night.

Cardinal Carras and the cadre of other important folk Wieldstrom had introduced were stifling. There had to be a way to escape. The chamber orchestra struck up the allemande just as he noticed a beautiful woman in a Blue Coat dress uniform standing nearby. Kildrak—either because he noticed Rolan looking or was helping to provide an escape (or for reasons entirely his own)—introduced her as Lieutenant Mosley, and she had the most striking green eyes. After an embarrassingly obtuse invitation to dance (and the beet-red face to go with it), they made their way onto the dance floor and twirled with the best of them.

A slightly louder snore interrupted his train of thought, and he glared at the sleeper before panning his eyes over the streets below once again. He padded silently to the door to listen for footsteps or any sounds across the hall before returning to the window.

She seemed perfectly content to remain on his arm for the evening. He personally showed her the exhibit and introduced her to Donarvan—who gave her the strangest look. Rolan couldn’t decide what to make of it, and then Bellos—Will—was there, chatting her up and using his silver tongue to make the elf seem impressive. That was uncomfortable. “What?” Rolan mouthed at the dragonborn, but Donarvan either didn’t see or couldn’t respond without attracting attention. Everything was going exceptionally well until the last dance. That was when Will linked their minds mid-courante…

Rolan frowned, still disappointed by that turn of events. Now there was no way of knowing where that night would have led had they danced until the end of the party. Though, if Lt. Mosley was associated with the Down Winders as Donarvan had tried to imply (especially since the others had all been followed by men with concealed weapons), he very well might have ended up dead. But at least it would have been fun while it lasted. His scowl deepened as he wondered if Kildrak had noticed anything untoward about his old comrade that he had merely failed to mention.

His temper was rare to flare up, but he suspected that he might be more than a little short-tempered until they could find out what the Down Winders wanted—or at least get them to stop watching so close. And if this supposed Lt. Mosley happened to be involved, he’d deal with that as it came.



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