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When the Spell plague occurred on Faerun and Abeir collided with Toril, so too did Toril collide with Abeir. On Toril, the wizards’ nation of Halruaa was particularly hard hit, with much of the nation being obliterated by spell plague or sinking beneath the depths of the great ocean. No city was spared, though a few survived. The city of Halagard was one such city, though it escaped the majority of blight suffered by the rest of Halruaa at a cost. The City was stripped entirely from the face of Toril and redeposited on the lost world of Abeir. In the century that has passed since the spellplague, much has changed in the city. Some sections have been irredeemably altered, or collapsed, or still have remnants of spellplague in them and have been walled off completely with guard patrols stationed to keep people out. A fanatical sect of Torm calling themselves the Mailed Fist grew in influence in the aftermath, blaming the spell plague on the indiscretion of the Halruaan mages. There was a revolution in the city, and arcane magic was outlawed. Practitioners of arcane magic were put to the executioner’s axe, or worse, banished to the wilds to the mercy of Abeir’s native draconic and reptilian masters. Some magics do still persist within the city, though in isolated cabal’s, striving to keep hidden from the watchful gaze of the Paladins of the Mailed Fist. Alchemy has risen in popularity in its stead, and inventors have created all a manner of wondrous new machines…

Halagard is not friends with its new neighbors. The city, once located in a tropical lowland, now finds itself along a temperate coastline. There are mountains to the north, heavily infested with dragons. To the east is a barbarian land of dragonborn tribes. To the south is a highly sophisticated Empire of serpents nestled in deep old-growth forests. Attempts to contact or initiate trade with this Empire have been met with body parts in baskets. The newly established farms outside the city are regularly raided by hungry dragons or bands of looting barbarians. Patrols of city guards, often assisted by Paladins of the Mailed Fist, frequently travel the outlands to protect the city’s main food supply from these threats.

Despite the threats from without, the City has plenty of threats emanating from within. The Paladins of the Mailed Fist hold all the city’s citizenry to their tenets in addition to the city common law. This often creates conflicts of interest with the City’s legitimate law enforced by a governor selected by noble houses and influenced by local guilds. In the meantime, the common folk of Halagard struggle to survive as they always have. Some avoid the stress of serving two masters by forgoing the law altogether. In this city, thieves, beggars, thugs, mischievous alchemists, and the occasional rogue arcanist band together to put their skills to best use to make a living under the noses of the city guards and the Mailed Fist.

Thanks goes out to Lookingglass Studios whose products were shamlessly harvested for setting elements.

New Halagard

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